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PAAW - Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren

Dedicated to saving the lives of all those dogs and cats in need.

Our number has changed!
Our new number is 586-825-3350!

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Emergency Preparedness for Pets:

This link provides information from Macomb County on being prepared to care for your pets in case of an emergency situation.
Emergency preparedness for pets

Pet Safety Guide:

This link provides information on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners.
Pet Safety Guide

Assistance Dog Resources:

This link provides information on service dogs.
Assistance Dog Resources

Pet Emergency Planning for Pets:

This link provides information on "Pet and Animal Emergency Planning".
Emergency Planning for Pets

Shopping Green for Your Pet:

This link provides information on shopping green for your pet.
Shopping Green for Your Pet

Keeping Spot Safe: Pet Safety in the Home:

This link provides information on pet safety in the home.
Keeping Spot Safe: Pet Safety in the Home

Foster a Service Dog:

This link provides information on fostering a service dog.
Foster a Service Dog

Help with Vet Bills:

This link provides information on help with the Vet bills.
Help with Vet Bills

VA Benefits for Service Dogs:

This link provides information on VA benefits for service dogs.
VA Benefits for Service Dogs

Pet Proofing:

This link provides a lot of great information on not only keeping pets safe but also pet proofing your home and yard.
Pet Safety + Proofing Resources

Lost and Found Pets:

Below are some links to assist owners who have lost a pet or those who have found a pet in reuniting him with his family. If you have lost a pet, it is critical to get as much information out there as quickly as possible! Be sure to call your local animal shelters, animal control, and police departments as well as posting to the websites and apps below. If you know of any other great ways to help a lost or found pet, please contact us and we will add to our listings!
www.missingpetpartnership.org (many good tips on finding a lost pet that should be implemented quickly once a pet is lost)
www.craigslist.com (under lost and found in your area)
Next Door (An App that allows you to notify your neighbors in your immediate area about the lost/found pet quickly, in case they see your pet or have lost their pet)

Wildlife Rehabilitation:

Here is a wonderful, full list of all Wildlife Rehabilitation Experts in Michigan, listed by County. PAAW recommends contacting one of the Rehab Experts Immediately when you find a wild orphan baby. They have the experience and knowledge to best handle the complex and expensive task of raising a healthy creature!

FIV Positive Cats:

FIV Positive Cats Page

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