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PAAW - Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren

Dedicated to saving the lives of all those dogs and cats in need.

Our number has changed!
Our new number is 586-825-3350!

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Who We Are

Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren (PAAW) is a completely volunteer-run animal rescue organization dedicated to finding loving homes for dogs & cats in need. We aim to be THE alternative in pet placement! We seek not only to help animals who have been lost or turned into our local shelters, but also to assist families in search of new homes for their pets due to lifestyle, living arrangement or other similar changes.

Our hope is that by providing assistance to families who must give up their beloved pets, those pets will not end up being brought to a shelter at all, and can be placed directly with another family who will give them the love and affection that they deserve. We also hope that by working with families in need, we can educate people in our community about the importance of carefully screening potential adopters and avoiding "free to good home" ads when looking for a safe new home for your pet.

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